Sharing insights into the world of Restaurant POS


IMG_1400Rob Johnson has over a 15 years of  development/integration experience with Restaurant Point of Sale (POS) Systems.  Rob has created a wide variety of POS integrations and off-the-shelf products for use with restaurant POS, including widely used Data Extraction and Online Ordering middleware solutions.    He started Lone Tree Technology in 2001, a software development consulting firm focusing on the Restaurant Point of Sale Industry.  Rob has created a wide variety of POS integrations, including Sales Reporting, Tip Tracking, Labor Tracking, Payment, Gift, Loyalty, Online Ordering, Pay at the Table, Security Systems, Print Injection, Pool Table Rental Systems, POS Configuration, and Biometrics.  Rob has extensive working knowledge of integrating with Aloha, Micros 3700, Xpient, Positouch, as well as Simphony I/II POS systems.  Rob has worked with Restaurant operators of all sizes, from 500+ unit chains to single unit operators across North America. Rob has worked very closely with POS Manufacturers and POS Dealers.   Besides Lone Tree Technology, Rob’s other startup companies included MunchAway, an online ordering company, and Butterfly Systems, a EMV Payment solutions company. Rob’s products are use in Africa, Europe, North America, and throughout the Caribbean.  Rob excels at requirements definition, helping to define the picture of what is needed and to create the appropriate software development path to achieve the final goal.  Rob is an expert in software architecture and design; additionally, he has agile project management experience plus experience managing multiple offshore development teams around the globe.  Rob has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Montana.

Rob can be reached at mtelbertbiker@gmail.com.


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